Children found the bag with grenades in the street


Fortunately children playing with bag full of grenades didn’t suffer.

In Shakhterskoye settlement (uncontrolled territory), the group of children found a bag in the street. There were four grenades with the unscrewed fuses. As children told, they played with a bag and there was an explosion. Later it was established that as a result of movement of a dangerous finding one of fuses detonated, but the others didn’t explode. Children were very lucky that fuses were unscrewed.

This situation clearly demonstrates the large number of illegal weapon in Donbass. We reported earlier that Ukraine became the first in Europe on smuggling of illegal arms and explosives, and according the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the situation only worsens.

In the message of the ministry it is told that in the first half of 2017 the number of the revealed attempts to export of weapon, explosive and ammunition from Donbass increased. In comparison with the same period of last year the number of similar offenses increased by 6%. But this statistics looks far worse. The number of persons, involved in these crimes, increased by 1,6 times, and withdrawn weapon is nearly 500 units more.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs noted that military and also civil is involved in arms trafficking. All detainees tell that they just found weapon, wanted to keep it for personal protection and similar "innocent" stories. But the situation in the black market of weapon in Ukraine shows that the most part of the weapon from Donbass is on sale within the country or is smuggled to Europe.

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