Near Schastie city the rocket was taken from the river


Rescuers of the Ukrainian State Emergency Service took the rocket shell from launcher from the Aydar River near the Happiness city.

The dangerous finding was found by locals who, despite danger warnings, decided to have a rest on the river bank. They noticed the strange subject similar to a shell in water near the coast and called sappers.

After inspection of a bed of the river rescuers found a shell of 300 mm caliber, they are used in the multi-rocket-launchers. Ammunition was lifted from a river bed and taken out on a polygon for destruction.

This finding could get in the river quite recently because according to OSCE parties of the conflict regularly violate agreements on separation of heavy weapons. So July 27th the UAV of Joint Monitoring Mission recorded heavy weapons on both sides from the demarcation line. So in the uncontrollable territory two   armored cars-21 “Grad” were found, and behind the first post of AFU in a zone controlled by government troops the mission noticed several armored vehicles among which were armored personnel carrier-60, armored car for infantry-1, armored car for infantry-2 and others.

Also UAVs regularly find minefields which pose high danger to civilians. So July 20thon the highway near Shirokino 19 anti-tank mines were noticed. The mission has already fixed this violation earlier, and warned parties of the conflict, and then they managed to count 21 mines actually in the same place. But mine clearing of the road wasn’t done.

We will remind that in the Luhansk and Donetsk region restrictive measures which forbid locals to have a rest in the wood and near the ponds near the front line are temporarily entered. It is connected with danger to become a victim of mines and unexploded ammunition.

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