OSCE can't work in zones of separation of troops because of mine danger


During five days since August 1st monitoring mission of OSCE can't inspect areas near Zolotoye city and Luhanskaya Village.

During the briefing of OSCE it was mentioned that on August 1st and August 5th Joint Monitoring Mission patrol couldn't pass to adjacent roads and check a situation in zones of separation of troops near Zolotoye city and Luhanskaya Village. When the patrol arrived in Zolotoye, they weren't allowed to pass on adjacent highways by the Ukrainian military, because it can be dangerous there and sappers haven't checked these places yet. The similar situation repeated also after crossing the demarcation line. Representatives of armed groups which oppose to government troops didn't let OSCE patrol go to the nearest residential areas, because of lack of mine clearing.

On August 5th the same situation was not only in Gold, but also on temporary movement checkpoint near Luhanskaya Village. The Ukrainian military and armed groups opposing them didn't allow Joint Monitoring Mission patrol to move on adjacent roads. Both parties stated that after firings there could be unexploded ammunition and also the mines and extensions established by diversionary groups of the opponent. Therefore OSCE had to leave these regions again, without inspection of a situation.

Besides during the briefing of OSCE it was mentioned that in the Luhansk region there is insufficient number of places for crossing the demarcation line and urged parties of the conflict to start the solution of this problem. We will remind that there is only one temporary movement checkpoint in Luhansk Region near Luhanskaya Village and works only for pedestrians and the bridge can’t be repaired because of continuous fighting. Other temporary movement checkpoint had to be opened last year in Zolotoye, and there the Ukrainian side even prepared necessary infrastructure, but the workgroup in Minsk didn't agree about the beginning of its work.

Besides both cities are sites of separation of troops where it is necessary to take both parties away on distance which makes fighting impossible. And adjacent territories had to be mine cleared. But in Zolotoye troops were withdrawn, but mine barriers weren’t removed, and in Luhanskaya Village military remained at their positions. Both parties claim that they don't implement the agreement because the opponent constantly breaks a ceasefire.

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