Rescuers couldn’t fight fire because of the mines explosion risk


In the Luhansk Region there was a fire in the field but the Ukrainian State Emergency Service refused to help. It was the nature to cope with the disaster.

Near Novoaleksandrovka village the field caught fire, and locals reported rescuers about this incident. In the message it was told that during the fire explosions were heard, presumably mines or unexploded ammunition began to detonate. The similar message received observers of OSCE and they contacted command of the Ukrainian military for specification the details. They confirmed the fact of mines detonation in the field because of the fire. For this reason they decide not to send a fire brigade there. Rescuers can't work because there is a real threat to their life.

The OSCE Mission sent the patrol to Novoaleksandrovka to clarify a situation. Locals reported that during the second day after the beginning of the fire the intensity of explosions decreased, and they even tried to fight the fire by own forces, but it didn’t work. But fortunately on the third day the pouring rain fought the fire.

OSCE noted that similar incidents can repeat because in the region it is boiling hot, and along the front line there is a set of not protected minefields. For the same reason the mission can't spend long time monitoring the situation in the Luhansk region. Representatives of AFU and opposing armed groups don't let patrols to pass to adjacent areas near the cities Schastie, Zolotoye and Luhanskaya Village, referring to possible mine threat.

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