Situation with mine clearing of the bridge in Schastie


A question of mine clearing of Donbass is on the table for the OSCE Mission and special attention is paid to Schastie city (controlled by government troops and located actually on the boundary line).

Joint Monitoring Mission insists on the mine clearing of the bridge in Schastie city which allows locals to cross the front line on foot or on the individual motor transport. The Headquarters of AFU reported that, despite requirements of a mission to secure the movement across the bridge, they didn't start mine clearing there. The main reason is a lack of security guarantees from the opposite side of the conflict. This bridge is an important strategic object that’s why AFU refuse to remove mine barriers without security guarantees. But in the message it isn't specified what guarantees are necessary to them. Whether the cease fire or withdrawal of positions of the opponent from this object will be enough for them.

It should be noted that such excuses are used by both parties of the conflict. The best example is situation around Village Luhanskaya and Zolotoye. The territory around these settlements has to be in safety areas without military equipment, armed men and mine barriers on both sides. But the fact is that government troops and armed groups opposing to them regularly accuse each other of failure of truce, and as a result mine clearing and separation of armed forces can’t be started.

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