Two persons were blown up by a mine in Berezovoye


The new accident happened in the Donetsk Region. In the settlement Berezovoye in Marinka District ("a gray zone" according to the Minsk Agreement) two locals were blown up by a mine.

Two persons, the man and the woman, 51 and 62 years-old, were blown up by a mine when they came into a tree line. They were at a bus-stop waiting for the bus, for some reason they decided to come into the tree line where one of them stepped on an antipersonnel mine. The explosion injured the back, legs and the head. Frontier service of Ukraine arrived to the place of an incident and provided first aid. People were taken to hospital in Volnovakha, they got heavy injuries.

The military working at the scene reported that in that place there are the warning plates. Most likely, victims ignored inscriptions about possible mines in the wood, and this caused the tragedy.

In this regard we want to remind all civil, living or going to visit Donetsk region that the SSU introduced restrictions for movement across territories near the boundary line. Civilians are forbidden to come into tree lines and also to approach ponds and lines of communications. It connects with the fact that these objects are potentially dangerous because of high probability of installation of mines and extensions there.

Restrictions are introduced with the purpose to reduce the number of blasting locals. Besides according to OSCE near the boundary line on both sides and also in "a gray zone" there are a lot of mined territories which aren't even designated properly. Therefore people even cannot guess possible threat.

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