The UN can't finance assistance to Ukraine


The UN department for refugees said that their budget for this reporting period is 11.6 million dollars, and more than a half of the sum will be spent for the assistance to Ukraine. Financing of humanitarian projects on assistance to internally displaced persons from Donbass is 7.3 million dollars.

The organization reported that most of all funds for the assistance to Ukraine are from the U.S. Government and Sweden. Also donations were from private donors from Spain, Australia, France and other countries. At the same time the UN note that there aren't enough available means for implementation of all projects. According to preliminary estimates international aid to the victims of armed conflict can capture all victims, it is necessary to spend not less than 37.7 million dollars for it. Which means the deficiency of the UN department for internally refugees is more than 30 million dollars.

The report doesn’t consider the required assistance for elimination of the consequences of military operations. By estimates of Ukrainian Ministry of Defence and independent experts the sum for mine clearing is more than 10 billion euros, and works will take not less than 10 years. Ukraine has already sent the official appeal to the UN, with a request to help with work on humanitarian mine clearing. Some programs are United Nations-sponsored, others are lounged with help of private international funds, such as Geneva Fund of mine clearing, HALO Trust and others. But even such amount of technical and material resources isn't enough. Civilians become the victims of mines, extensions and unexploded ammunition in Donbass. The periodically fighting along the boundary line and increasing of the mine threat for civilians exacerbates the situation.

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