Fund «Donbasswithoutweapon» seeks cooperation partners to work in various spheres of charity.


The fund “Donbass without weapon” joins together people ready to give a professional support. If you are a lawyer, economist, social worker, rescue worker, psychiatrist etc. and eager to restore peace in Donbas, get in contact with our fund for further cooperation. We accept different type sof joint efforts - starting from consultations up to the direct applications of your professional skills.


We are eager to find new volunteers both for continuous cooperation and sporadic assistance. You are free to choose the type of your assistance and time boundaries for your help.

The organization “Donbas without weapon” addresses all who could give information vital for saving lives of the populationin the conflict zone. If you have any information on minedareas, unexploded munitions, the renewal of military actions, medical aid posts etc., please contact us. You should remember that human lives are at stake.