Public hearing regarding the law “On mine neutralization in Ukraine”


Public hearing regarding the law “On mine neutralization in Ukraine”, which was submitted by the member of parliament Andrey Kiseliov, was held under the auspices of the Fund “Donbass without weapons”.

The representatives of the following state and international organizations took part in the event:

  • The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine;
  • The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine;
  • The State Emergency Service of Ukraine;
  • The Headquarters of Project Coordinator in Ukraine;
  • Danish Demining Group;
  • Civilian-military administration of Donetsk.

Besides, among the participants were the representatives of different social organizations and associations as well asordinary people who were partial to the problem of elimination of the war consequences in Donbass.

Within the framework of the event, the visitors had a chance to listen to the extended report devoted to the problem of mine contamination and the security of the population in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. The main articles of the draft law were under discussion as well. The following problems were taken into consideration:

  1. Lack of financial and technical means for the humanitarian mine neutralization in Ukraine. As for now, the groups of field engineers from the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal affairs, State Border Guard Service, State Emergency Service of Ukraine act exceptionally within the framework of local mine neutralization. No measures are being taken for the detection of mines and unexploded munitions in the potentially dangerous areas.
  2. With respect to demining actions, the Ukrainian legislation is not corresponding to the international standards. Thus, there are a lot of restrictions which limit the financial and technical aid from the international organizations which have practical experience in mine actions in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
  3. The law draft on mine neutralization in Ukraine offers a range of adjustments in the legislation and organization of the state institutionswhicharetolookforthefinancialaidandcoordinatetheactionsofthegroupsoffieldengineersandsearch teams. Taking into consideration the experience of other countries which succeeded in the elimination of the consequences of military actions, the partakers of the meeting agreed on the institutionofthe State Center for Mine Neutralization. This new cross sectoral organization is to be under control of the government of the country and will be responsible for the mine actions in accordance with the international standards and the experience in this issue.

Fund “Donbass without weapons” thanks all theparticipantsofthepublichearings. We will takeintoconsideration all your remarks and suggestions while preparing the amendments to the draft law on humanitarian mine neutralization in Ukraine and organizing our activity in the future.

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