72 explosive items were neutralized on the territory of 6,5 hectares in Donetsk region


The Ukrainian sappers reported on mine clearing on August 16th.

The Ukrainian State Emergency Service reported that rescuers worked on the territory of Donetsk region near Mariupol, Bakhmut, Volnovakha, Yasinovataya and Sloviansk. They could examine 6,54 hectares of dangerous territories per day.

As a result 72 explosive objects were revealed and successfully neutralized. In total: 31 missiles, 19 hand-grenades and 5 mines, 17 explosive objects of unspecified origin. All dangerous items were destroyed.

We should note that, despite efforts of the Ukrainian State Emergency Service on detection and neutralization of mines and ammunition in Donbass there is still a huge number of dangerous items. Not only experts, but also news demonstrates to cases of blasting civilians. So in the village near Bakhmut city the driver of the tractor (age 62) got explosive trauma. He worked in the field when the car ran into a mine. The equipment was destroyed and the driver was hospitalized to local hospital.

Other incident happened in the uncontrollable territory near Seversky Donets river. The man (age 60)went to the river, most likely for fishing and there was a trip wire. With a fragmental injury of the right hand and the right part of a trunk he was taken to hospital No. 8 in Luhansk.

Both cases happened in places theoretically free of mines or trip wires. Therefore they visually show the real of mine threat for civilians of Donbass.

We should remind that since August 14thsappers from the international organization HALO Trust have joined mine clearing activities. They have got official permission to inspection and mine clearing of territories from Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. Their activity is financed by sponsors from Great Britain and the USA.

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