The fires in Donbass increase threat because of remnants detonation


The summer heat and periodically fighting led to the fires and destroying of several settlements in Donbass. Ignition happens in the field or in the wood then the fire gradually passes to houses. Rescuers can't effectively block it because of the explosive items.

The example is a firefighting of the former hospital building on the suburb of Marinka. August 28, 2017 rescuers had a call about the fire in the building. Having arrived to the place, employees of the Ukrainian State Emergency Service started fire localization, but heard explosions indoors and had to depart for safe distance. Such situation repeated several times therefore fire practically destroyed 10 premises of the former hospital.

The similar case happened in Vodianoye. There the dry grass lit up, and fire was thrown on houses. Because of explosions of mines and ammunition in a grass rescuers couldn't start fire extinguishing for long time. It takes them six hours and during this time 6 buildings burned to the ground.

We should remind that we reported the accident in Novoaleksandrovka where at the beginning of August the field lit up. Because of mines in fire rescuers refused even to come to the scene, despite attention of OSCE to this incident. As a result the fire lasted three days, until the pouring rain.

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