HALO Trust started mine clearing of Donbass


Since August, 18th the HALO Trust fund has begun humanitarian mine clearing of Donbass. According to the plan coordinated with Ministry of Defenceof Ukraine, the work will be started from four settlements in Volnovakhskiy and Mariupolskiy districts.

Inspection of territories in search of mines, explosive devices and unexploded ammunition will take place in these regions. After finding of dangerous items, the next stage will be the district map with the indication of mine threat. Then sappers of HALO Trust will start the explosive ordinance disposal. Such format of work is the classical scheme of humanitarian mine clearing. The purpose is to make territories safe for civilians and to allow them to use objects of industrial, social, transport and agricultural infrastructure.

We will remind that HALO Trust is non-profit and non-governmental organization which is financed by sponsors from the USA and Great Britain. Their purpose is detection and utilization of mines and ammunition worldwide. The staff of the organization has already participated in mine clearing in all modern hot spots of the planet. It won’t be the first HALO Trust project in Ukraine. Earlier they helped the Ukrainian sappers, provided trainings for rescuers and worked with civilians, training them how to be have on territories with high mine danger potential. Now the organization agreed with Ministry of Defence

of Ukraine that their employees could pass from support activity, to practical works on mine clearing.

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