New victims in Donbass


Despite preventions of The Ukrainian State Emergency Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defence and various volunteer organizations civilians of Donetsk and Luhansk regions continue to suffer because of careless handling with mines, grenades and ammunition.

So on August 14th bad news came from Gorsk where the local (age 30) tried to take the grenade apart and got severe missile wounds. The tragedy happened during a dinner, the man tried to take the grenade apart while his wife went to the house, having heard crying of the child. The woman heard explosion, being in the house, she ran out in the street where she saw consequences of an explosion and the unconscious wounded husband. She told that she didn’t know about a grenade. The man was hospitalized to Lysychansk where he is in intensive care.

The same day med team had to help 14-year-oldteenager in Village Luhanskaya after blasting. The investigative team established that the guy found an explosive item, most likely it was the mine, tried to take it apart. The result was an explosive trauma of the left hand and a missile wound of a stomach, doctors are fighting for the child's life.

One more tragic case happened on August 17thin Sverdlovsk (the uncontrollable territory). Two children 2008 year of birth found a detonator from a grenade and tried to take it apart. There was a detonation and both children got missile wounds, doctors try to minimize consequences.

A threat is posed not only by grenades and mines, but also ammunition remained after fighting. So on August 19th in the Luhansk region the 13 years-old was hospitalized. He tried to take a large-caliber machine-gun bullet apart. The teenager got severe injuries of a stomach and both hands. Despite the provided medical care both hands were amputated. For the rest of the life the boy will remain the disabled person.

The blasting problem as a result of careless handling with explosive items gradually oversteps the bounds of Donbass. The reason for that a big stream of illicit weapon from a zone of armed conflict to other territories. So on August 19th in Kiev region med team helped the boy who found a detonator from a grenade in the street. From his words, he pulled out a ring and saw flash. The guy threw a detonator on the ground and tried to extinguish it, at this moment there was an explosion. The boy got small damages of a leg; his he is out of danger. It should be noted that he was very lucky because injuries could be more serious taking into consideration the tragic cases given above.

We should remind that OSCE have counted the number of victims of explosions on mines in Donbass from January 1st, 2017. The official statistics show 345 suffered people, 62 fatal cases.

In this regard we address to all people living in a conflict zone. It is forbidden even to approach to explosive items and it is necessary to inform the responsible services. All adults must remember this information and inform the children whose interest often overcomes care.

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