We are looking for people to work with the population in the conflict zone


The fund ‘Donbass without weapons’ invites for cooperation the volunteers who would be ready to work with the population on the territories of the former conflict zone.

Your tasks will be as follows:

  • to provide people who live in the places of the former conflict zone with the information as to the rules of safety and the first aid measures. This task is the prior one since there are now hundreds of accidents when civilians get killed in mine blast and because of the casual handling of the unexploded munitions;
  • to help people understand the rules and norms of the current legislation so that they were aware of their rights and allowed benefits;
  • to gather information about the territories where the utilization of munitions must be conducted as well as to carry out the process of mine neutralization and eliminate other consequences of military actions;
  • to provide the population with a psychological support.

You should have the ability to communicate with people and possess a great deal of patience: the war degrades even the most honourable people, and it is very difficult to win back their trustafterwards. The overcoming of the psychological barrier accounts for practically 70 % of success in this sphere.

Besides, the fund ‘Donbass without weapons’ invites for cooperation psychologists, lawyers, rescuers, medical workers and other professionals who could help train our volunteers. 

Volunteers who would be ready to work

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