Participation in the legislative process

Participation in legislative process (monitoring of the legislation and development of offers to billsthat can provide stabilization of a situation in the territory of Donbass and demilitarization).

Public hearings on the law on the clearance of Donbass

Hearings regarding the law on humanitarian demining in Ukraine in preparation

The fund ‘Donbass without weapons’ has been participating in the process in arranging and...
Prepared by the law on demining Donbass

New draft law “On mine action in Ukraine” to be submitted by Verkhovna Rada

In direct cooperation with the fund “Donbass without weapons” a draft law “On mine action...
The media reported about the law about the clearance of Donbass

‚On mine action in Ukraine‘ law registered by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the media informs

The Ukrainian media, namely the online sources Korespondent and Argumenty i facty inform...
Participate in legislative process

We are looking for people to participate in legislative process

The fund ‘Donbass without weapons’ invites people for cooperation in the process of...