Hearings regarding the law on humanitarian demining in Ukraine in preparation


The fund ‘Donbass without weapons’ has been participating in the process in arranging and preparing public hearings devoted to the legislation ‘On anti-mine activities in Ukraine’.

Since the legislation aims to put an end to the issue of mine contamination in the east of Ukraine in the first place, the town of Pokrovsk, Donetsk region has been chosen the venue.

Among the participators of the hearings are the representatives of the office of the OSCE coordinator in Ukraine, the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, the Ministry of infrastructure, the Ministry of internal affairs of Ukraine as well as the members of different public organizations and communities. The delegating of the representatives is already approved by Donetsk regional military and civil administration. Besides, everybody who would like to contribute to the reestablishing of peace and security in Donbass is welcome to join the event.

The hearing will be devoted to the draft law submitted to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The law includes all the norms and standards of anti-mine activity which are put into practice on a worldwide basis. The implementation of these standards in the Ukrainian legislation will allow to attract the help of the international organizations to the fullest extent. This in its turn will resolve both financial and technical issues of the country since at the moment the approximate cost of the examination of the potentially dangerous territory, its demining and the utilization of the explosive objects exceeds 10 billion euro – and these are the most conservative estimates. Apart from that, the country is currently in sharp need of qualified specialists anda technical basis necessary for these activities. In fact, for the time being, the divisions of the Ministry of defense, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, Fire Service Department and the Ministry of internal affairs take part exclusively in local demining - they respond to calls which are related to mine detection or unexploded munition. There are no resources for the complex examination and demining of the potentially dangerous territory and without it, any issues related to the renovation of infrastructure, agriculture and the safety of the local population become out of the question.

The results of the public hearings will be protocoled and submitted to the special-purpose committee of the Ukrainian Parliament, where the legislation ‘On anti-mine activities in Ukraine’ will be subject to the experts’ estimates. Moreover, the results of the hearings will determine all possible amendments to the legislation.

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