We are looking for people to participate in legislative process


The fund ‘Donbass without weapons’ invites people for cooperation in the process of monitoring draft laws connected with the conflict in Donbass and the options of its settlement.

We keep a close eye on all draft laws connected with demilitarization. First of all, we are interested in the issues of mine neutralization, the utilization of unexploded munitions, reconstruction of communicationlines as well as the elimination of the consequences of military actions.  Moreover, we will prepare the new draft laws assisting in the fastest return of the peace and safety to Donbass.

To realize these plans, we ask every compassionateexpert to help us. First and foremost, we need law experts. To establish effective cooperation, we may also need the expert counsel ofrescuers, medical workers, social workers and the representatives of other professions.

If you think you could help in the process of monitoring new draft laws and their direct establishment, please contact us in any convenient way. We will be grateful for any help and promise to find a cooperation format which will be convenientfor you.

Participate in legislative process

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