We are looking for people to assist in the rehabilitation of soldiers who laid down arms


According to the current legislation, all participants of the military actions in Donbass who voluntarily laid down arms are exempt from criminal and other kinds of liability. This law is applied to everyone except those guilty of committing a felony.

Psychiatrists who specialize in military conflicts are well aware of the fact that sometimes it is much more difficult to lay down arms than to take it up. That is why the fund ‘Donbass without weapons’ defined the rehabilitation of these people as one of the main directions of its policy.

We are looking for people who would join us to help give social, psychological and legal support to those who laid down their arms and made a reasonable decision to return to the peaceful life. Just contact us and we will pick out the most suitable activity for you taking into account your professional skills, personal traits and availability.

If you meet the abovementioned requirements but do not have the possibility to take part in rehabilitation personally, please do give us a call or send a message so we could arrange meetings where you could pass your knowledge on to our volunteers, which will also be an invaluable support for the work of our charity fund.

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